girl on orange

Where do we go from here?

This past weekend wrapped up my show at Artomatic 2017 DC. It was a great show and wonderful experience. But once all my prints came down, I started feeling a little lost… I’m on my own again. I love group shows because you share everyone’s excitement and anxiety, and you commiserate over the system, the service, the responsibilities, the lack of sales and the little victories. It’s not just you out there alone. Making art is a very solitary thing for most of us. Marketing our art is the same, meeting curators or art buyer, or event managers. We do it alone. Sure, you might be lucky enough to have your spouse there supporting you, but in the end it’s just you. And, I love it and hate it.  So, as the show comes to a close, what do I do now?

I got lucky this year, I’ve got two shows, one this summer and one next winter, I need to matt, frame and prep the prints for this next show. I need to finish some new work and prep, print and frame for the winter show now. I need to set up a storage system for framed work so that the kids don’t destroy it all before the shows even start.. And I have decided on my 2 next series, and there are still a lot of president to finish painting. AND!! I’ve been getting a lot of interest in commissioned work! You would think with this much great stuff, I’d be head down in a studio, churning it out. I will be, but I want to take some time to reflect on the last show. Take some time to actually miss it before I bury my head in new art.  I heard an interview with Sting where he talks about having three seasons of undetermined length, living, writing/recording, and performing.

Well, thank you Artomatic. Thank you all who purchased and commissioned. Thank you all. On to the next show.