As I said in previous posts, I’ve been reviewing my art, what it is and why I do what I do. I’m kind of trying to understand the changes in styles and in my interests. What I’ve seen is, at the core, it’s all about transformation. Painting robots was about transforming images of robots into human emotions. Transforming these little monster nuggets into a human experience, Transforming squiggles and shapes into emotions and characters. Transforming the soul into the self.

I guess I’m thinking a lot about transformation since right now I’m trying to transform my body back into something healthy and fit. And as I do this I find that my sketch book is filling up with these images of emergence, of being encased, of breaking out. Of the true struggle with ones own demons as they work against you.

I cant wait to start moving these sketches from my book to larger canvases. For me, I hope they are a symbol of person triumph.

This is 57″.