So, I get a lot of people, mostly people not in the art industry, saying, “Oh, painted on iPad, I see…” and shaking their head like I’m faking the art, the skill, the time, the inspiration. Oh yes, I could fake it, I know my way around Photoshop and I could write some scripts to emulate my process, but I don’t. I’ve shown and described my process on blogs, Facebook, and in person to everyone/anyone that asks. and in the end, I get the feeling that because my “pencil” is made by Apple, that the work I create is not really art. And I get it, I do. Until recently I wasn’t sure where the line between graphic art/illustration and fine art falls when it comes to the iPad.

I was thinking, if an artist picks up a cheap pencil and does some amazing drawing on a chunk of found cardboard, it’s art! If an artist picks up some expensive oil paints and splatters it on a beautifully stretched canvas, it’s art. The tools used, the process followed and the inspiration all make it valid. I pick up my digital pencil, open a digital canvas, and use the tools that I choose, apply¬†my process and follow my muse. What I get is something I feel good about. Yes, I’ve got a bunch of artsy idea about what the final work means, but it is art.

I have nothing against the physical act of painting, I love it, I miss it and i will return to it again. There is a feeling in the process of painting that is indefinable. And for the buyers, knowing there is, and will only ever be, that one image elevates it’s value. (I do offer limited run and signed prints).