My new workspace

No, sadly it’s not a new studio or even a new room in my house. It’s a desktop I got in the clearance section of IKEA for $10.

I’ve been spending more time with my easel folded flat and using it as a table. But since many of my pieces are small, I needed just a solid piece of wood to go down and cover the voids left by the slats in the easel. We just happened to be at IKEA today and I always check the clearance section. There it was, $10!!! It did seem a little larger than I needed, but I thought it would be fine.

Well, I get it home to find that it’s huge! But once I put it up. It seems like it could work. I really need studio space, but I love the flexibility of being home with my wife and kids. So, I guess it’s time to start a new painting and see how this goes.