Hey Kid, what’s in the bag?

I get a lot of questions about my art tools and what’s in the bag. And I don’t mind it a bit.

When I was first getting back into to Pen and Ink and Watercolors, I had a ton of questions. And only YouTube to help. I’d find someone I liked, watch the video, then dig through the comments hoping they answered the questions about gear.

First, go back and read my last post, Sketchy Obsession. It goes over a lot about my favorite bag and the pens and such. But, lately I’ve scaled down a bit. I bought this super cool ChromeIndustries Kadet Sling bag. I love it. It’s bigger than my regular bag, but it can hold a light coat, some art supplies, sketchbooks, keys and a whole lot of crap. But my Green EDC art pack…it’s too big…well, it fits, but not really. 

So, what is in my tiny art pack?

So, I throw this in my Sling with a sketchbook.I prefer a watercolor sketchbook, but I’ve been using theses cheap 3.5×5.5 Arteza  and they are fun and easy to tote around.