First painted guitar in a long while…

Again I start with stating that I dont think anyone is reading a blog these days, especially one about me and my art. But here goes anyway. I think it’s my own way of keeping myself accountable to…myself I guess.

A few weeks ago, my guitarist and friend Scott asked me to paint one of his guitars. I instantly said “SURE, I’d love to!” And I instantly regretted it. Not because I didnt want to paint it, but because I would need to force my hand back to doing physical art. I finally kicked the procrastination and set off to paint… Ugh! a blank canvas again! I decided I would do one of my distorted portraits of Scott on the guitar. I would just dive in and paint, wrong! My portrait chops were not up to the task… I should have at least warmed up. Now what? Scrape it all off and start again.

Doodle style! yup, that was it. For years I’ve been doing the doodle style; half cartoon, half, primitive, half graffiti. It’s fun and whimsical. So, I got to it. I started out using my Arteza Paint Markers, but I was not getting the color or fill or feel that I wanted and like from my old Posca… I ordered more Posca, smart move. I love doodling with Posca Paint Markers. They really are a step up from just about everything else.

The Big Mistake

The big mistake I made was lack of preparation.

Preparation in the past has always lead to procrastination. I start working a design on paper or iPad and I get stuck in the process and never/rarely get around to the physical act of creating. If I would have spent just a little more time doodling in preparation, I would have a better defined focus for the guitar and a better sense of scale.

Other mistake was surface preparation.

I knew my main background color was going to be this teal/aqua color. I should have sanded and primed the surface and then spray painted the whole thing. Then covered the spray with matte medium to create a better surface for paint. I did not! I slapped on some fast drying gesso so that I could get right to it.


That was what I wanted. I wanted to doodle what ever came to my mind in that moment and paint it on the guitar, where ever there was space. I would paint something, then have to paint around it to paint in the background, then paint over it to do the line art and all the while fighting the poor surface preparation and the shape of the instrument.

I like that it came out primitive and raw. It give it a cool look. But, I could have done much more. Maybe he’ll let me sand it down and start over?