Dave is done

Over the weekend I managed to carve out some time to finish a painting. I’m doing a series based on the idea of Heros and Icons. I started with doing a bunch of iPad paintings of the Hulk, Iron Man and so on, but I was a bit concerned about copyright and such. So, I painted Johnny Cash… then Jimi Hendrix, then ELVIS!!!  well you get the idea. But not all my hero are musicians. So, as David Letterman was closing down his show, I thought back to how much he and his show actually meant to me. My band, back in the 80’s, even did a cover of the TV theme.

So,  I started some sketches, followed by a digital painting which lead to my final piece. It’s acrylic on canvas board. I’m really digging the canvas board since my home studio is just a corner of my kitchen, these boards let me do large canvases but are only 1/4″ thick so I can stack a lot of then in small spaces. I have considered just painting on the stretched frame, the pulling it off and rolling it for storage. I know a lot of artist do this. It’s easier to ship it purchased, and If you have a show, you just bring in all the rolled canvases and tack them to a wall.  But for right now, I like these canvas boards.

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