Checking Out Art Gallery Space

Yes, I’m an old guy and I’ve been making art of one kind or another for over 40 years. But in the art world, I’m a new, emerging artist. How is that possible? Well, most of my life I’ve been a graphic designer or commercial artist, not a painter/multimedia artist. And, although I’ve always done a little fine art, I’ve never pursued art as a vocation. I say vocation because at this point I’m more than a hobbyist and not quite a professional. At this point I’ve sold a few pieces, taken some commissions, had some coffee shop group show and participated in larger art events like Artomatic.

Artomatic 2017 helped to give me a good push into the more established art world. To that end, this January I will have my first solo exhibit at the Prince George Publick Playhouse. This beautiful old theater  has a wide lobby just inside the front doors.  I’m shooting for showing 25 pieces. We’ll have to see if I get that many framed and prepped by January.

I’d do a more formal announcement as we get closer to the show date. I just wanted to thank Natalie Fulgencio for finding me and putting this show together.