Norma, my mom

Norma keeps on keeping on

So, my mom keeps having one issue after another. A week ago, she fell and broke her shoulder. Today she moved into her new home. My sister (my hero) has been doing everything for her. As I sit here this evening, I did a little painting of her.

Jim Faris self portrait

2018 already?

Sure, I’m still painting, I’ve had some great commissions (thanks) and I’m busy learning, trying, failing, succeeding. But the time really gets aways from me. I have a full time job, I’m a working musician, I’ve got way too many young kids and I like having a social life. All of this lead me to only doing art on my iPad. These past months I’ve been switching things up with different applications like, Paintstorm Pro and  Sketchbook Pro. but I keep coming back to Procreate. Since I don’t have any shows coming up, I feel less of a drive to put together a collection of work, and I feel more like learning different things. But I’m also feeling like I need to start creating more physical art. So, once the weather breaks, I think I’ll try to set up some space outside and throw some real paint around and see if I still have it.

Learning and Changing

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Youtube is filled with AMAZING artist. We are at a time in history where you can go online and find amazing artist to do any kind of work for not that much money. There illustrators, digital and traditional artist all giving online courses or just letting you watch how they do what they do. I can be overwhelming for sure and for everyone buyers, fans and artist.

So, I’ve kinda gone back to school, well, virtually. Every night I choose a subject and I find a teacher. I pull out the iPad and do my work. A few weeks ago I drew hands all night, cartoon, real, exaggerated. And for the rest of that week when I would doodle, It was hands. then a week of feet. then a week of eyes. All the time mixing in; spray can technics, Liquitex media how-to, sketchbook reviews, character studies. and in the end I found that I have created nothing (well, very little).

The side effect of trying to improve one’s self is the realization of where your skills really are on a scale of 1-10. When I was just painting to enjoy the fun of creation, or to convey a feeling or emotion, I was less concerned with the balance or proportions. I want to create, so I did. And sure, it wasn’t bad. But after a summer of studies and youtube binge watching, I have more to pull from. My style is still sloppy and has a long way to go towards improving. But I think its about time to go back to the joy of creation and step away from the painful self-examination.

When ever aspiring artist came to me in the past for advice, I always say the same thing the Matt Sesow said to me, “Just paint!”


Back to my studies

I love to paint in so many different styles and medium. This leads me all over the place and prevents me from further developing a singular style.

So, I’ve been spending my time repainting hands, eyes, gestures. I’ve been drawing with an actual pencil, the iPad and ink pens. I’ve been buying brushes and acrylic medium. I’m watching videos and studying my favorite artist.

So, when I do start making art again, not just studies, I have no idea what it  will look like. But it’s fun, and frustrating. But like anything, working on yourself is hard. It’s hard to loose weight, it’s hard to play scales over and over, it’s hard to draw a circle over and over again.

There are SOOOO many great artist out there. Hopefully along the way, I find a more defined voice.


Sometimes it just don’t work out

You will NOT be seeing my art work at Children’s Hospital as I had originally posted.

It’s been an “interesting” experience. I was asked to be part of this exhibit. The curator not only saw my work ahead of time, I let her choose all the images before I spent a good bit of money framing these images. Additionally, when the curator could not seem to work emails or understand how to click a link to see an online gallery, I bought an iPad to her home. Now I understand that people communicate in different ways. But after I signed all the paperwork, I was told that they would handle all of the installation and that the drop off and install times would be changing and that I would be contacted. I followed up weekly, then daily, then phone calls. Only to find 2 hours AFTER install started that I needed to be there to hang my own work. So, I left my daughter’s birthday party to deliver the art works. Upon dropping them off, I was told they would handle hanging the art.

I came back a few hours later to find NONE of my art on the wall. Later I received an email saying that the Hospital board had never reviewed my art works and that they were not appropriate for the hospital! Never Seen The Work?!?!

It all works out. I picked up my art and another collector contacted me about showing next week.
Here is a link to the page I built for the curators.

Lesson learned. Find out who is real and who is not before dedicating any time to an event. Document everything (this helped, the Hospital Art Crew was very nice and apologetic especially when they saw the paper trail I had gone thru.) Last Lesson, hold no grudge. Life is too short for all of that and it is all in your head, the curator that screwed me over still doesn’t believe she is to blame and she’s mad at me for telling her she screwed me over.

Checking Out Art Gallery Space

Yes, I’m an old guy and I’ve been making art of one kind or another for over 40 years. But in the art world, I’m a new, emerging artist. How is that possible? Well, most of my life I’ve been a graphic designer or commercial artist, not a painter/multimedia artist. And, although I’ve always done a little fine art, I’ve never pursued art as a vocation. I say vocation because at this point I’m more than a hobbyist and not quite a professional. At this point I’ve sold a few pieces, taken some commissions, had some coffee shop group show and participated in larger art events like Artomatic.

Artomatic 2017 helped to give me a good push into the more established art world. To that end, this January I will have my first solo exhibit at the Prince George Publick Playhouse. This beautiful old theater  has a wide lobby just inside the front doors.  I’m shooting for showing 25 pieces. We’ll have to see if I get that many framed and prepped by January.

I’d do a more formal announcement as we get closer to the show date. I just wanted to thank Natalie Fulgencio for finding me and putting this show together.