Not much new

Selfie Series Digital 5

It’s been a time of transition and I’m not sure what I’m transitioning into.

Artomatic’s Last Weekend!

Wow! it’s almost over and you’ve almost missed another year of Artomatic… But there is still time. Come out this weekend! Saturday night should be CRAZY!!! lots of events, sales and who knows what. And since the Art comes down off the walls after Sunday, you can buy art that you can give for Xmas! […]

Selling Prints

Well, I know there are a ton of different ways to sell prints. And about as many companies and services to help me do it. I decided on FineArtAmerica since the quality they offer is excellent, the frame options are beautiful, and the product selection is solid and sensible… well for the most part, who […]

Meet The Artists Night

Meet the Artist Night at ARTOMATIC!!! I’ll be there from 7-9 answering questions, having some drinks and serving some of Lora’s brownies! Also, now through the end of the year, I’m offering 25% off all pieces at the show. If you decide to buy online, just enter the code “artomatic2015” at checkout.

Artomatic is up!!

So, opening Artimatic on Halloween weekend was tough. With two kids and a custom Daniel Tiger Trolley to build, it was all very crazy. But we made it there for opening night. We met a lot of great artist and got to see the fire dancers!  Artomatic will be up till Dec 12th and Artist […]


Stayed up and finished a few pieces. Touching up the sides and adding signatures and such. But the big painting that has been up on the easel and looming large over the kitchen is Obama.  I had sketched him months ago with the intention of it being a smaller 16×20″ painting. But after painting Elvis […]

Artomatic service day

So last night was my first service day at Artomatic. For those who don’t know, to be part of Artomatic you have to volunteer 3 days. It’s a great idea and it really helps build community.  So the first job was to do a trash walk through. A couple days ago I came in and […]

Dave is done

Over the weekend I managed to carve out some time to finish a painting. I’m doing a series based on the idea of Heros and Icons. I started with doing a bunch of iPad paintings of the Hulk, Iron Man and so on, but I was a bit concerned about copyright and such. So, I […]

Artomatic 2015

It’s that time again and I’m not prepared. I’ve updated my website…kinda (still a lot to do). I’ve been finishing up some of the portraits since I think this year I’ll only be showing portraits. So much to do, I guess I need to get painting!

The Portrait

I have no true idea of who I am or what I do as an Artist… or so it seems. Every time I move in one direction the other pulls on me.