A Little is Good, a LOT must be Better?

For me, for right now, at the moment of creation, as I mix the paints, as I spread it over the substrate, as I cut and scrape and build up layers… at that moment I am outside of myself. Out of my mind and body. Finding a meaning that is beyond words and thoughts. For those moments there is a feeling that passes by so quickly one almost doesnt realize they are in it. This must be like a runner’s high, or an actual drug-users high. But in a flash, it’s gone and I am left with color blocks, lines and marks. And if I’m lucky, when I look at the completed piece, I have a sense of what I felt while creating. So I guess the goal is to make something that allows the other people to feel it as well.

My new workspace

No, sadly it’s not a new studio or even a new room in my house. It’s a desktop I got in the clearance section of IKEA for $10. I’ve been spending more time with my easel folded flat and using it as a table. But since many of my pieces are small, I needed just […]

To what end?

I finished two paintings that go together, a diptych. But to what end? I loved the process and the final image, but what is it all for? Who is it for? Making art is a messed up mental thing and making abstract are is even more strange. And honestly, there are so many people that […]


Tools and process. Some one asked me about some of the fine lines in my paintings. These are cut lines. I have a favorite palette knife that I use for scooping, scraping and cutting. Yes actual cutting. It happens more so when working on canvas board as its a pretty soft substrate, but when working […]

Deciding it’s finished

It can be hard to know when to stop. It’s a little easier when painting an object, person or landscape. But when painting an intuitive abstract piece that relies heavily on process and feeling, it never seems done. My recent art work, Fractured Craftsman, had so many moments when it was “finished.” And so many […]

A total, radical change to abstract with Cold Wax and Oil

This past fall I returned to abstract and I’m really feeling it now. I have always LOVED and hated abstract art… I don’t mean mixed media or abstraction/impressionist, yes I love that too, but full abstract where it’s just colors and layers and marks and process. I have never been able to do this kind […]

Norma keeps on keeping on

Norma, my mom

So, my mom keeps having one issue after another. A week ago, she fell and broke her shoulder. Today she moved into her new home. My sister (my hero) has been doing everything for her. As I sit here this evening, I did a little painting of her.

2018 already?

Jim Faris self portrait

Sure, I’m still painting, I’ve had some great commissions (thanks) and I’m busy learning, trying, failing, succeeding. But the time really gets aways from me. I have a full time job, I’m a working musician, I’ve got way too many young kids and I like having a social life. All of this lead me to […]

Learning and Changing

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Back to my studies

I love to paint in so many different styles and medium. This leads me all over the place and prevents me from further developing a singular style. So, I’ve been spending my time repainting hands, eyes, gestures. I’ve been drawing with an actual pencil, the iPad and ink pens. I’ve been buying brushes and acrylic […]