About Me

Since I was a small child, I spent my time making art. Since 1984, I have been making a living as an artist of one sort or another. I have been involved in almost every kind of media. But technology has always sucked me in.


I am now an abstract artist. I paint with cold wax and oil and many additional mark-making tools.

For most of my life I have done portraits and figurative works. And I may shift back or add those ideas into my abstract work. But right now, the thick layers of wax and oil make up the bulk of my work. I wanted to connect and express emotion, places, ideas in the most pure form.

The iPad has was the one tool that I could carry with me everywhere. I love the process of actually painting but… family, musical performances and a day job makes it hard to get to the physical painting process. I use Procreate and Sketchbook. The work that has been done on the iPad and my older works are still available at greatly reduced prices.

Some of My Recent Work Is Featured Below.