Choose Your Own Adventure



Kentucky educated and influenced by the outsider/folk art. I started as a folk artist. I do have formal training as an artist but I don’t let that get in the way.

For a long time I didn’t  paint “purely for me”, I consider people viewing it, their reactions, and even how it would look in someone home. Now I’m painting for me.

I love so many different styles of art.  So, I’ve done some primitive style, some modernist, some cubist, some simplified, some graphic, some paint marker, some digital and some realistic. My work has always moved between styles. Changing one thing into another, evolving,  applying one idea to another thing. I love painting abstracts with cold wax and oil, but these days I have returned to sketching the people, places and things around me in a loose, pen and in manner and then adding watercolors. I’ve even manage to build a mobile sketching studio that fits in my carry pack, it goes with me everywhere.



I’ve been commercial artist since before I knew what it was. I would draw my friends favorite sports figures and add type to it and charge them a buck each.

I got my degree in graphic design. I went to work in educational publishing as a Quark specialist. I made my way into advertising and picked up HTML and started applying my design skills to the advertising world doing sites for Polaroid, Casual Male, US Trust and more. I opened my own shop after a while with clients like Millennium Pharm, AuBonPain and a bunch of other cool clients. 

Eventually I found myself working for various firms in the DC area, making awesome websites, useful apps and every kind of design project you could image.

And good news, you can hire me for your next project too! No project to big or too small. 



I have played all over the greater Cincinnati area though the 80’s with bands like; The Qubes, The Rhapsodes, the Void, Pryzm and Bachelors of Art. I hit the road with a band in mid ’86. I lived in a van with the for a while, landed in Boston. I played with some legendary players and some just really cool people. Then I left Boston in the early 2010? and set up shop in Washington DC where I’ve been playing with even more incredible people from; Big Hillbilly Bluegrass, to local rockabilly icon J.P. McDermott, to DC rock royalty the Grandsons and let’s not forget the Jelly Roll Mortals, my main gig and the best group of musician/songwritters in the DC area.

I have mostly played the upright bass for the last 20 years. But I’ve got lots of instruments hanging on the wall.

I also play the ukulele and sing bit as a solo act. 

Lastly, I’ve been working on the Tuba, but that’s going pretty slow.