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Jim Faris

Since I was a small child, I spent my time making art. Since 1984, I have been making a living as an artist of one sort or another. I have been involved in almost every kind of media. But technology has always sucked me in.

Paint to iPad to Prints

I love to paint but the iPad has become the one tool that I can carry with me everywhere. I love the process of actually painting but… family, musical performances and a day job makes getting to the canvas tough. I was using 53’s Paper app most of the time. It has such a limited tool set which challenges and limits me and forces me to not be reliant on computer tricks. It make it feel a little less like computer graphics and more like art. One of my new favorite apps is Art Set, it does a great job of mimicking real medium.  Additionally, I am using Procreate and Sketchbook more and more. I have been getting so many request for the art I have been creating on the iPad, that I wanted to find a way to produce physical art from the iPad without just doing a digital print, but the idea of digital prints, well I’m starting to warm up to it.

A while back, I discovered OpenStudiosDC.com. I choose a piece, do a color separation. Then print out and burn screens, then I hand pull the inks. Cool stuff. I keep the number of prints low, between 10-50, all hand made, signed and numbered. I’m trying to find a way to get into printing more often.

  • Clio Award for Web Design
  • Hatch Award for Design
  • MIMC Award for Web Design
  • Group Show, Artomatic 2013
  • Group show Epicure Cafe
  • Group show at 2014 I gallery for DC Arts Commission
  • Artomatic 2015

  • Artomatic 2017

Some of My Recent Work Is Featured Below.

I’m trying to keep it all updated, really I am.