Sure, I’m still painting, I’ve had some great commissions (thanks) and I’m busy learning, trying, failing, succeeding. But the time really gets aways from me. I have a full time job, I’m a working musician, I’ve got way too many young kids and I like having a social life. All of this lead me to only doing art on my iPad. These past months I’ve been switching things up with different applications like, Paintstorm Pro and ¬†Sketchbook Pro. but I keep coming back to Procreate. Since I don’t have any shows coming up, I feel less of a drive to put together a collection of work, and I feel more like learning different things. But I’m also feeling like I need to start creating more physical art. So, once the weather breaks, I think I’ll try to set up some space outside and throw some real paint around and see if I still have it.