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I am so honored to be asked to exhibit my work at Children’s National Mini Gallery at Children’s Hospital DC.

The exhibition of 6-10 of my works from the Space Between Us series will be on display in the National Mini Gallery. Now, it’s a little tough to get to see this work as you have to stand in line with sick kids to get through security to get to the gallery. But if you are a doctor, administrator, pharm rep… Stop by and check out my work. If you are there with a sick kid, you have other stuff to be concerned with. Because of the security check-in and other hospital business, I don’t believe there will be a gallery type reception.  Seriously, I’m honored to be asked to take part in this show.

The Gallery is located on the first floor off the Main Atrium; this exhibit space features the artwork from local and international professional artists, as well as special visiting exhibitions showcasing the work of children’s art organizations. Space is open to the public, exhibits change quarterly and the work is for sale (a portion of all sales benefits Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services).