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The Space Between

digital painting by Jim faris

The following works have been featured in a few different shows. They are digital painting… not photos with filters. My process is to gather a few images and do an illustration on the iPad Pro. Once happy with the composition, I begin to paint, on the iPad. I then scrap, and distort and wash and stain, but all with a digital process. Yes, I do paint like this with standard paint and canvas, but this series is all digital. Anyone with multiple kids knows that having room and time to do real painting is difficult. The iPad affords me the time and space to do all the messy work of art and still tuck it into my bag away from little hands.

The concept behind these painting

The Space Between, is just that. All that stuff between us, both good and bad, is what I see when I look at my subjects. typically I paint with a lot of exaggeration, twisting and stretching my subjects. But when I first sat down to do a realistic painting of my daughter, It was kind of flat, uninspiring… until she ran by and hit my elbow causing me the smear and push the image around a bit. I realized then that when I see her, I don’t see the colors of her skin, the shadows, the shapes. Yes, that’s how to paint, color, shadow, shape to make a full image. But when I look at her, or any of my subjects, I see her birth, her first day of school, her screaming, her singing, her running. I see everyday I have spent with her, everytime I look at her. So, I tried to splatter these ideas, moments, onto the image and scrape away, build up, dilute, and add more over and over again. And in the end, sometimes I cannot even make out the person I just spent all that time painting, but when I look, I see them.


Duck King

This is my son, King, he was born in a car just blocks away from Children’s, he just couldn’t wait to meet the world.


Ice Princess

Every little girl seems to love Frozen, my daughter is no different.


Super Lucas

Kid’s love to run, to fly and to jump in puddles.


The Dancer

My young friend Ella is an incredible dancer at just 13 years old. Her diagnosis of thyroid cancer didn’t slow her down a bit.

Stings Like a Bee: art print by Jim Faris

Stings Like A Bee

Kids love to dress up and get into costumes. This Bee costume keeps coming out of the closet over and over again.

Red Sweater: art print by Jim Faris

Little Red Sweater

Everyone has a favorite article of clothing, her’s is her little red sweater.